A Grant-Making Trust for Young Christian Women from the North East of England

How To Apply

Applications must be made in writing on the forms provided. No application will be considered which is not supported by a recommendation from the candidate's parish priest or other equivalent person (e.g. university chaplain).

Awards are made twice a year in February and May. However, in exceptional circumstances, provided they have funds available, the Committee will consider applications at other times. 

Read the Grant Conditions carefully.

The Committee is happy to respond to enquiries made in writing or by email about the suitability for a grant of a proposed course, as long as this precedes the application. Please note that we are unable to respond to telephone requests for information or application forms.

The Committee welcomes supporting information about the courses, communities, experiences etc. for which candidates are applying and will use these in their decision making.

" ... We left Copacabana beach each night with the courage and faith that we, as disciples and missionaries of God, needed."
Jacqueline, World Youth Day

World Youth Day 2013, Brazil
World Youth Day, Brazil

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